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Nov 2, 2005
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winter in Germany

Beautiful tones, really well captured shot :thumbup:
Cool, you people in the south even got some kind of sky that is worth looking at. That is really nice. No: dramatic is the better word.
Is that a river bank there?
no it is the edge of a small way .. it was shot beside Wuerzburg (I see that you are from Germany)
no water at all
That is interesting, the snow has a quality as if part of it were on a beach (I see that that is actually a meadow) and part were flattened by some surf... but it must have been the wind that created that soft edge.
So when did you take this?
We had our last day or really white frost on Monday ... now we've had several frost-free days in a row (and lots and lots of rain TO-day).
Ah, I see. So is spring finally coming to you?
And that sky still fascinates me a lot! Wow.
Here it is mostly plain grey or a brilliant blue. Little inbetween of late.
this winter is really long my wife is german , but i am from south of france, and winters in germany are terrible ... wemen too :)
Awww :spank: thanks a lot ;)

Lovely medium. Works well here!!

By the way, welcome to TPF! :D
this is so good so special...frist time i see W&B pic can make such atmosphere ^_^ cool!

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