Winter light by the seaside


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Feb 16, 2006
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The seaside resort of Blackpool, Lancashire, is best known for summer sun, sands packed with people, and glitzy recreation. Here's a winter view that shows it in a different light.

For more information about this photograph (and why I like seaside resorts in winter) go to:

Okay now youre talking. I used to live almost on an american beach. Since I didn't sell tee shirts I loved the winter when all the tourists had gone home. There are two things to me that make this picture unique and very appealing. The full tower and the angle of the shot. The first staircase on the left gives it depth, and the tower gives it scale. Without either the scene loses it's appeal. Of course the vintage buildings make the shot more a character study than a landscape. It is all in all and excellent photo. Others might see other things in it but thats what appeals to me.
Thanks mysteryscribe. Perceptive comments about the pictorial value of the tower and the stairs in the foreground. The other thing that I think adds to the shot is the meandering line of water on the beach. I've taken this view with the tide in and the tide out - out is invariably better because there's more visual interest.
The beauty of it lies a lot in the quality of that light you named it after. Way Way too many people go with ordinary national geographic lighting and it kills the mood. Yes I noticed the water as a natual right hand frame very well done. It is a nice mix of city scape and sea scape.

I have to tell you I am a HUGE believer in composition and push for it whenever I do a comment. This one is very good. I don't know what camera you used but I would suggest to everyone they try the one shot one negative approach to composition. Think, think, then thing again before you shoot. Digital had great things good about it but so does the old cut film cameras I use.
My cousins live in Blackpool.

I've totally been there. Like RIGHT there...maybe.
Great shot. The lighting is excellent
beauty of a shot, love the light and the comp... :thumbup:

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