Woman dies on Plane.


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Jan 8, 2006
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Woman Dies on Airplane. No One Notices.

An elderly woman taking a cross-country Delta Airlines flight over the weekend from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to Salt Lake City, Utah died en route and no one noticed until the jet landed when she didn't "wake up" to deplane.

CBS4 News in Ft. Lauderdale reports that everyone on board thought the 78-year-old woman was just sleeping and didn't want to disturb her. However, an emergency medical technician on the scene said she had been dead long enough that rigor mortis had set in by the time passengers and crew realized she had passed away.

Would that suck or what?

I can just hear the crew, "Time to get off, wake up, we're here, get up. OH CRAP"!
Wow. I have never seen Aeroplane spelt airplane before. interesting.

It is like the story in the film Collateral about the dude who is on the LA underground doing complete circuits. He is dead but the cold and harsh LA mentality meant no one noticed.

Get the MotherF*ckin SNAKES of the MotherF*ckin PLANE!!!
andreag5 said:
That sucks...must've been awkward for the person sitting next to her.

especially if she'd had an aisle seat
I work for a charter airline and have daily flights between Honolulu and Las Vegas. We had to install 6 extra large portable O2 bottles on our planes. The older people get on the planes and dont realize that there is lower oxygen even though they are pressurized. The cabin altitude on most flights is around 8,000 feet. Healthy people don't notice this. But people with breathing problems it does affect them.

We have not had any people pass on in flight. But we have had several pass at baggage claim.

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