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May 12, 2005
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Florida U S A
I hope I'm comfortable to say that this woodpecker comes back every year and usually has a mate with a gray head every spring for the last 3 years. I haven't seen her yet, hope I do in the next couple of days.





Thx for stopping by ;)
yea great job with these m@ko, the first one's a beaut, i kinda like the third one too... its different... kinda graphic :thumbup:
Nice shots... I also lean towards the first one! :thumbup:
These are great shots. Love the light. The first is my fave of the lot. Nicely done man.
I love 1.
And not only for the background colour you managed to get!
But also (you may ask yourselves why).
All colours are really impressive in that one.
It is my favourite of the series!
Have I told you that this kind of brilliant bird photography leaves me a little envious here - and if only a little? Have I ever mentioned that? Hm? :scratch: ;)
Nice shots of a bird I only ever seem to see from afar. (That's "from far away" in northern-speak, not "a fire" in southern-speak)
you caught some beautiful light on #1 and 2!
i really like the last though! love the blur
thanks for sharing m@ko :D
photo gal said:
Great job on these M@KO....: ) The woodpeckers we have around here are much redder than yours and frankly I have to shoo them away cuz they peck at the house!

:lol: I can see you doing that.

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