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Jun 21, 2004
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It's been a hell of a week here and I'm glad to see the weekend coming up! Nothing terribly special planned. Aubrey's halfway to TX so that leaves me and the three kids to fend for ourselves...I miss his cooking :(

Tonight we are celebrating Christopher's 10th day post his surgery which means he can eat normal foods again. His request was pizza and a pie so I got him a Mrs. Smiths berry pie (Terri, can you believe they didn't have cherry? :x )

Tomorrow we are going to the store to get some materials for the boys to make my Mom a Mother's Day card.

Sunday Christopher has a t-ball game and I think to celebrate Mother's Day we are going to the DQ afterwards and I'm having a mint oreo blizzard. After that I'm going to clean and organize the house. I've got some boxes to start packing and about 4 baskets of laundry to sort and fold. Evelyn's are easy...she's outgrown almost everything so it goes in the "too small bin" in her room :mrgreen:

Somebody must have a more exciting life than mine ;)
bah...Friday. Yesterday felt more like Friday for me. I went out after work and caught an improv comedy show with some friends, then went to coffee with my friend Talia. We were chatting about religion and stuff and this crack addict sat down with us and starting talking with us, and then another joined us. So we had two addicts telling us their life stories and crying..it was intense. We stayed until that coffee shop closed then went to Casa Que Pasa, a Mexican bar/resteraunt. We were there until 2am, drinking beers and eating the best burritos in the WORLD. Then I finally got home at 2:30am and watched an episode of Family Guy before finally going to sleep. Then, I was up at 6:30am to get ready for work! lol. Tonight, instead of going to my friend's show like I was planning, I have to go my 1 year old nephew's birthday party way out in the sticks. :(
No cherry pie....? :grumpy: What's wrong wth those people?!

Busy work week here (I've been saying that a lot lately). :x

Nothing special on tap for me. I HOPE to spend some of the weekend out and about with my *new* Mamiya 645 100S :love: The weather has to cooperate as well as my cleaning/laundry schedule. ugh! I'm itching to get out and play with the new toy.

Evelyn.....I miss her. :heart: Alison, if you get the chance soon (alone now with 3 kids, hmmmm) could you take a few new shots of her? :)
terri said:
Evelyn.....I miss her. :heart: Alison, if you get the chance soon (alone now with 3 kids, hmmmm) could you take a few new shots of her? :)

I've got some of her tasting her first foods :mrgreen: I'll try and get them up later :D
Weeeelll...I just moved Erik OUT of my apartment, and back to his place for the summer. :( :( :( So...I'll be spending tonight and probably tommorrow there. I haven't decided yet...he'll be at work til 6 tommorrow, which won't leave me with much to do all day! :lol: Sunday I'll probably begin getting everything ready for me to leave for the East Coast on Wednesday...yeah...that's about it for me...at least that's about all I have planned so far.
I'm painting my house next weekend, so I'm doing all the prep work tonight and tomorrow. What a waste of a perfectly good weekend. :thumbdown: Sunday we are doing a couple of different Mom's Day things including dinner at our house, so it's going to be a busy weekend.
Alison said:
I've got some of her tasting her first foods :mrgreen: I'll try and get them up later :D

Put a dab of that oreo mint blizzard on her tongue and take a picture of that, too! :lol:
I've been pretty tired this week. On Tuesday I decided that I had to finish reading The Davinci Code, before going to sleep, then I had to wake up at 5:00 am on Wednesday to get on the road for work. A 4 hour drive out to a drilling rig, then a 4 hour drive back after doing some work at the rig. Then that night, I was at the Oilers/Sharks game that started at 8:00 pm and went into triple overtime. That made Thursday a right-off...very tired.

Tonight I'm going to the Oilers/Sharks game again. If the Oilers win, I'm sure I'll be out late again.

This weekend is when my wife's family goes to the grave yard to pay respect to their ancestors. I tried to suggest that she go with her sister and parents...but that didn't fly. Plus it's Mother's day on Sunday.
Well, my weekend pretty much started yesterday. Got up at 6, went to the oral surgeon's, where they took out my wisdom teeth, and I have now been on tylenol-3 for the past 20-some hours.
Glad to hear Christopher is back on normal foods, though I should be by tomorrow, I feel the pain of living off jello (even if it has only been a day).

Mike: Can't believe I am going to say this, Go Oilers!
Late start to work today. Boss said we could come in at 930am instead of 8am.

That was awesome cause I went out last night, and I needed the extra hour and a half.

Going to a Camera show here in the Toronto with Emma-lee tomorrow. See if a can't pick up some cheap stuff. I need a new camera/laptop bag...

Yeah. other than that, good times. I got no moms that lives in this country, so I'm not doing anything for mothers day. I'll give her a call or something though.

Happy Mothers day to all you Mom's out there.
Finally back home for a week off. Was gone 28 days. Going through all the stuff I ordered. Have the boxes in the garage ready to go to recyle. Have had luck with everything I bought used except 1 lens. Was the wrong mount. So its like christmas in May for me. :) The 300 f/2.8 I bought with front lens marks, is actually the filter not the front element. 112mm filter is not cheap. But I am very happy as the front element is perfect.

So not only do I not have to work today. But I have lots of new toys to play with. :)
We took our dog to the vet this morning to get his cough checked out, then I had a piano exam. My favorite conductor to work with asked if I could fill in for someone in his ensemble, so I'm rehearsing with him tonight, and then is the Recording Studio party...$15 all-you-can-drink buffet... :drunk:
bwaaaaaaaaahaa :(
3 days to end of semester.. too muuch work... too much

have some fun for me you guys! :)

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