WOoooohoo! Randog at 1k!


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May 13, 2005
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:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
YAy Randog, CONGRATSss!!!
its absolutely awesome having you around...
you went off... some of us missed you ... and then you came back with a bang... what stunning imagery!!!!!
thanks for being here harley dude!
love your posts... keep rockin'

:wav: :wav: :wav:
:band: :cheer: :band:

just 2 more to go!
nice one randog, congrats on the 1k.... good to have you around man.

:cheers: :band: :cheers:
:headbang: :cheers: Congrats R'dog :cheers: :headbang:
Great to have you back on the forum.
post alrightey....
Thank you guys,:blushing: I really love this place! I have learned so much from all of you. I really enjoy being able to post here and have my work seen by some of the best photographers I have ever seen. One day I hope to be as good as all of you. Thank you for having me!

Thank you Mansi for starting this thread you are such an inspiration for me I love your work! You guys are all GREAT!!! :) :) :)
Hey Randog, congrats on reaching 1000! I look forward to your posts, your comments, and your 'words' on word association. Great to have you on the forum
Hey LittleMan, I guess you were not paying attention.:wink: I've commented on couple of your posts as recent as your “The Eroica Tri” and previous post of yours “Boxer” and “Airport Diner” I thought your boxer post was brilliant. By the way I go by Randog my name is Randy good to make your acquaintance.:)
yay! you made it! :cheer: :hugs:
congrats on the 1K randog... always look forward to your shots... :thumbup:

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