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Word Up, Fellow Purveyors of Pictures


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Feb 6, 2012
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Denham Springs, La
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My name is Scott. My friends and family call me Scott. My elementary school teachers called me Scott. My Ex-Wife calls me Scott...

Due to several back surgeries, I am a stay at home Dad. I am a musician. I am a disabled dude, who was in the Navy.

And I want to shoot things with my camera.

hence, I am here. To learn. To laugh. To meet some super hot nerdy chick who doesn't mind buying me a cheeseburger.

But mostly, I am here to learn.

I have what most would consider a beginner setup.
Dare I say - I have a T2i, with a couple of lenses. There it is.
Do I consider myself a photographer? Not yet. I am a enthusiastic hobbyist, who gets paid a couple of dollars to take pics of various things.
Literally - two dollars. And it's Monopoly money, too.

On a side note, it's funny how McDonalds will host the "Monopoly" scratch and win type game, yet they won't honor the currency from the board game.
Seems hypocritical to me...but what do I know?

So, i just shot an Engagement party this past weekend.
Horrible lighting conditions. I used a Macro Ring Light in addition to my YN560.
Got a few decent shots ... but there's room for improvement.
The majority of the time, I used my 50mm f1.8 - that I bought from Toys-R-Us.
It did ok... but I got my eye on some L-Glass for future shoots.

At any rate - i am excited to be here.
I am pumped up to learn from all the talent on this website.
I'm not a proud guy; but there's a nice way and a mean way to criticize what I do.
So be gentle. I'm a delicate flower.

Not really. I'm actually human .... but I had you fooled, huh?
You thought I was a flower??
Silly goose!!
Flowers can't type on their keyboard!!!

Really, though - thanks for taking the time to check out my first post.
Hope to share some knowledge, and take some with me as well.

Take care

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Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs, etc.

Welcome Michael Scott, you seem to have a good sense of humor and a willingness to learn. That will get you far here. Glad to see you're a Canon shooter as well!

I'm sure you'll learn a lot, welcome to the forum.
Thats awesome.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the replies, very much.

I guess this'll be my first lesson / question:

if there were a convention ... where two different types of people were to visit (Canon users, and Nikon users) .... what is the likelihood of a brawl busting out in the middle of some keynote address??

I'd love to have a camera if that erupted!!

I'd be the moron who narrates what he was about to do to the Nikon user ...
"ok, now I want you to lean your head ever so slightly to the left ... good, good! Now I want you to look at the sky and point as if there were a big comet about to crash down on you! "
And that's when I'd snag him in the head with my Canon!!

Just kidding.
Ignorance is bliss in this regard ... but I am really curious if there are heated discussions on "who makes the better product!"

Thanks again for the replies!

Take care

Welcome...but what shall we call you? :lol:

Side note: I didn't realize we had a disabled Navy. ;) (sorry. I try to contain it, but once in a while, I just have to pull out the grammar police badge. The hyphen makes it indicate you are a dude in the disabled Navy. No hyphen would mean you are a disabled dude who was in the Navy.) I really do try not to edit people's posts (as mine are often fraught with error as well), but that one just made me smile.
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Thanks for the Welcome!
Y'all can call me Scott. hahaa!

@ sm4him: you are correct! I didn't notice when I made that goof! thank you for the nudge.

Thanks again!

greetings George! :cheers:
but I am really curious if there are heated discussions on "who makes the better product!"

Use the search function. It would be a good way to get familiar with it. Threads like that are a dime a dozen.
@ o hey tyler: good idea. In the timeless words of Jean-Luc Picard: "Make it so!"

@ Big Mike and Memento: thank you very much, I appreciate it.


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