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Oct 3, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for welcoming me to this forum even if I don't have any type of photography gear yet. I'm gravitating towards this forum membership to see if the law of attraction is really true. You see, I'm raising funds for my first ever DSLR - the Nikon D3100. And by joining a photo forum, I think people can relate to my story. If you want to know more about my online journey to getting my first DSLR, check out my signature below. I hope, with your help, to be one of you professional photographers soon. Do feel free to share my story. :)

Welcome, you just inspired me to start a site

I just need to get $9.00 in donations to get the domain name.
Hi eco,

I'm glad I inspired you...:sexywink: I didn't even buy a domain name (I used a free blogger account) to get my site up so that I can put the $8 I saved for the domain name to my Nikon D3100 fund... I'm kinda serious about this thing, you know. :thumbup:
Lol, I know and that is why I just shared it on Facebook. Please excuse the way I described you there if you find my never know maybe it will attract people to your site.
So you want people to give you money so you can buy an SLR camera... That's... you got B**LS, I'll give you that much but won't give you a penny.
Definitely agree with Eco, I'm not asking for D3s, but will take ONE (no need to be greedy) D700.
Before you milk any1 for cash, take a web tour and learn some basics of photography, maybe you'll want to move up a clas onto Dxxx series :D
eco...thanks for sharing it on facebook. i didn't get to see the post though but thanks anyway. and yes, who knows it might reach people who are willing to spare a dollar for a photo. we'll never know. :)

IgsEMT, yeah, that's the point of my site. I'm accepting donations ala Karyn Bosnak but I'm also saving up for it. So even if no one ends up giving me a penny after the deadline I set, I'll still work towards getting that DSLR. And you'll be first to know when I have it. :sexywink: Don't worry I'm already browsing through the forum to find tips so that I'll be an excellent photographer like you are. And that's okay, I'll settle with the D3100. I'm sure it'll give me great shots...
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hey guys, I've been thinking. Maybe I could put up some Amazon ads on my site and then, instead of making a donation, you can buy what you need from my link. No cost to you (except for the cost of the item you are buying) and then you get to help me build my D3100 fund. What do you think?
You would need a year and over 10,000 targeted visitors a month to your site to make enough ad revenue to pull it off. <--That's a guess so don't quote me but I know a little about running ads on websites.

Buy a used camera, take pictures of your neighbor's husband cheating, blackmail him and then buy the camera you want.
thanks eco! we're really going to be good friends...I think you have a brilliant, let me go and spy on my neighbor's husband..:lol: shall I place the photo here?
You saved $8 by using a free blog?

Thats $8 you wouldn't even be thinking of if you weren't asking strangers for money.

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