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  1. Hi all.

    I am at my parent's house for the summer, and want to scan old family images while I have some down time (think napping grandkids, and all that.)

    I bought an Epson scanner. Do I scan using their software? Right into Photoshop Elements? All my CS2 licenses are already installed on other computers. Do I use the built-in Windows application?

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    Just wondering if anyone here has a preference for scanning old pictures.
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    You have to use the scanner software, but it can be launched from most editing software. The only different should be for PS E4 the image will load straight to it, using the scanner software you will be given the option to save as a file (JPG, tiff, & etc). Ether way should work fine.

    I have the Epson 4180 it does a nice job with both color & BW prints, color slides and BW negatives. But I have very little luck with color negatives.

    I have used both approaches before but am now only work with the scanner software. Seem to work better with batches. Ether way scanning is slow and long process

    Hope that helps some?
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    I used VueScan. It does the job much better than any included software I've seen.

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