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    Work for photographers? There is a great deal of it!

    It’s hard to believe, but a great number of people are ready to buy their photos from you right now!

    Who are these people and where can you find them?

    Any person may be an object of a photo session, but people on holiday are in the focus of attention. Photos in which people are having a good time – for example, in clubs, restaurants, bars, on the beach etc. – will always be in demand.
    You should go to crowded places full of grateful customers. Try shooting without prior agreement, in the so-called street-photo style. The people you take the picture of will certainly buy the beautiful photos, even if they did not think about it originally.
    Tourists make a special category.
    People travel for the sake of new pleasant experiences, and they want to preserve them in their memory. And you can provide them with a great memento, their own high-quality photograph.
    Each year over one billion(!) of tourists travel worldwide. A great many of photos are needed in order to satisfy the market of this size, and you will never be short of customers.

    How to sell photos?

    Having chosen an appropriate person, make several shots and give him/her a card with the unique code (which has to be printed out at the "Suret" website). The person will use it to see photos on the website and buy the best ones. "Suret" website makes this process easy and convenient for both parties.

    Advantages for the photographer

    Unlimited sales market

    Flexible working hours

    Possibility to work in any location worldwide

    Minimum costs

    Minimum preparation for shooting

    Quick and convenient interaction with customers

    Guaranteed remuneration for the photos sold

    And the most important thing: it is a simple and easy accessible way to earn money through your hobby. Just register and print out the code cards – and you can get down to work immediately.

    Advantages for the customer

    No need to buy photos immediately – they are available on the website during 3 months, payment may be done later.

    At a rule, there will be a few photos of the same person and they will be cheaper as compared with a full-scale photo session comprising hundreds of pictures.

    Lively, realistic shots can sometimes be very interesting.

    Safe payment through guaranteed connection and proven payment systems.

    If you are self-confident and such work style is for you, welcome to "Suret" website. The customers are waiting for you!


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