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Aug 10, 2005
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Yes, another rant. Sue me.

I am determined to not make this so mean spirited, because this morning I woke up on the right side of the bed, but don't you wish you could didn't have to reley on others to do you job so much?

My job is pretty self sufficient. I make calls from a phone, directly to my customers get all their information. I do my own research most of the time and only rely on other people to do a few things for me.

a) produce the product that I sell (which for the most part is pretty solid)
b) Charge the credit cards.

You'd think that charging the credit cards would be pretty simple. And when a card declines, a simple e-mail to me would be easy.

Apparently not. and apparently being the owners daughter makes you immune to those mistakes that could cost me a pretty penny in commision.

Thank god I have another day before commision cut off to chase down this payment.

I wish I could charge the cards myself. Would make things a lot easier.
..."apparently being the owners daughter makes you immune to those mistakes "

There is your problem.
Wow, this hurts. I'm losing $1000 today because of the boss's daughter.

Oh how amazing this feeling is.
Do you think you have a shot at a date with her? Or would that be going down the wrong road?
i would carry the issue to your boss regardless. this is your livelihood man! you have to speak up...daughter or not!
I'm also located in Toronto, and they're both located in our New York office. E-mails from me don't really do anything. And the best that my boss here in Toronto can do is make a phone call on my behalf. These people don't even know who I am. Nor do they care. Infact they're fine with things the way they are because the reason I'm getting screwed out of so MUCH money is because our commision structure is on a sliding scale.

Right now I've made 18k in sales which I will get %10 of.
If there was not mistakes I would have had 25k in sales at %13.

You can see why it might be in their best interest financially to not give a flying eff. The money for the sales will come in regardles. But this way they don't have to pay me the extra commision cash.
You know, just when I think all is lost, something good happens. It's a running them that makes me think being optimistic actually makes things worse. And being pessimistic makes things in my life go well. I'm going to be pessimistic all the time. Atleast then when something good happens I'll appreciate it more. Cause I know being optimistic can make a bad thing suck even more.

FYI, Something got worked out and I'm not losing as much money as I would have. Only losing about $150 now.
WooT! Drinks on Bace!

But I do not agree with the half empty view of life. Optimists always find the good in life thereby striving to turn a negative situation positive thereby overcoming adversity thereby growing. My wife is a pessimist while I am overly optimistic it makes for some interesting arguments.
Maybe optimism and pessimism are the wrong words.

Basically when I think something bad is going to happen, something good happens.

And usually when I'm expecting something good to happen, something bad happens.

It's like a curse of sorts.

In the grand scheme of thing I would consider myself an optimist because at the end of the day, if I did lose all that money, I would still be happy that I didn't lose everything I own in a fire or something. Ya know?
As far as the job is concerned, get another one is what i say. If they are not gonna listen, and you are getting screwed, find a new one.

My outlook is alot like the one bace has described. I most imagine situtations going bad, or atleast half bad, then when it goes right i am supper happy and when it goes bad, I don't care as much. I adopted a habit of never getting my hopes up about 2 years ago, and it is working great.
hey, i'm glad you didn't lose all that cash. :D

also, for about a week i've been waiting for a very nice thing to happen and it still didn't. Every time i tell myself: "don't be silly, it didn't happen yet.", but still with the hope if being pleasantly surprised. Now I guess i'll assume it's not even supposed to happen, cause i just can't go on being so miserable about it.
I always try to have a similar vision. If i didn't, i'd be effing depressed :)
For me things are different lately. I cannot explain because it will start a debate. I believe I've always been optimistic but lately it is more than just that. It is a general feeling that good things happen. Not to say bad things don't happen but in general mostely good. :confused:

However, when something bad happens I try to find where I faultered or where I could have done something different to facilitate the outcome I prefered. It helps me to grow. Just like photography. You point your camera and what do you expect to come out? If you do not plan properly either something washed out or too dark to see anything. You learn early that you need to look at what you did wrong the last time and correct that for the next shot. The analogy can go on but I'm sure you all can expand it for yourselves. That's enough babbling.
Sometimes bad things happen that you have no control over.

The only thing you can learn to do, is prepare for those things.

I'm saying I'm prepared for the worst, because I've seen it happen.
I heard this once before.
Expect the best
Plan for the worst

My wife will never be an optimist she always expects the worst and plans for the best.

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