Working for a Living

Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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The tone really works here. Nice that you got the horse turning it's head. Looks like he's trying to look at you but is tied up?
Thanks all. I am from chicago and am new to the country. it is kind of nice to go on my porch and see a horse and buggy or to hear the clip clop as they come down my street.
Image unedited, shot manual mode. cropped. Minolta Z1 3 mp.
thanks, the Amish out here don't like there picture taken. they think it traps there soul. So I give respect to them in that aspect. I would love to get a image of them in the buggy, thow.
Well, this one already works great, for it says "Amish" without the people in the photo - and if they don't want their photo taken, then this should be respected.
I really like the softness of the light, as opposed to the hard work of the horse pulling this cart all over the place. It might suggest that even for someone (or some horse) working hard, there is a soft spot reserved in life, something smooth and nice and relaxing - like this horse and cart being "parked" in this light. Maybe ... (?)
Oh the horses get to roam free out side on wide open ranches at the end of the day, much better then just a hay filled stall.
The horse in the light looks bad but really only there for about five minutes. The Amish where selling eggs or something and just making a delivery.

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