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Jun 25, 2008
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Connecticut, United States
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I've been working on a site to give out to clients and for my own personal use.


I put it on my schools website for the moment before I buy my domain. Any comments on how to improve the layout? I am also looking for any help with allowing the site to be auto resize to any computer screen size. I have it set to 780-500 i think? Is there any flash code that I could imbed to make it do this? I made this in flash.


BTW: Ignore the girl in the splits in the bg of some of the pages, I just realized i put that layer on the background.
I would say it could be a bit bigger.... the resolution is too small, I am working on a small monitor and it only take 1/4 of my screen.
2nd item is change the html sheet style to centered, there is no need to have it over to the left
3rd and most important it takes way to long to load for what is there. Are you uploading full res pictures in the flash?

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