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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by LilmaK, Mar 2, 2007.

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    I'm doing a job this weekend that's not an 'everyday job'. I'm gonna be taking photos of the world champion cricket team and I've been asked to confirm handing over sole ownership of the images as well. I'll be taking action shots (bowling,batting,fielding), Branding, Warming up shots, coaching shots, close up player shots, Captain briefing team, Team photo, casual shots (players chatting, relaxing during training),
    How much should I charge for this? I have absolutely NO PROBLEM giving the agents sole ownership...this is the largest job I've gotten to date and I'm happy to do it.
    I really want to avoid under charging so please help me out...How much should I charge for such a job?

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    Does them having sole ownership of the images mean you can no longer show them off in your portfolio? (Online or printed?) Because if it does mean that, I would charge a VERY HIGH amount to do them. If you can still use them in your portfolio, then I would charge less. Sorry, I don't have any specific #'s to throw out:)

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