Would like a critique on this one...

I can't seem to hotlink the picture to this thread, either.

As to the critique you're asking for: could you become a bit more specific?
What is it you want to know more about?
Depth of field?
Motif as such?
Something else?

There is so much to say about a photo ... for only general, overall comments, the General Gallery would be the right place.
Hmmm...good question!! Maybe the General Gallery would be more suited. I guess I just wanted an overall opinion on the photo. Did it capture you or bore you? Did you "get it" or is it too abstract? Maybe that will help!
I like the technique, grain, ambience and lighting. I don't understand why the bottle is pouring (water?) on the table at the fingers... is it meant to be "too drunk to pour the next drink"? That's what I get from it.

IMO It's not too abstract, although it takes a little while to identify each component.

What kind of overall opinion were you looking for? If it's a kind of "good" "bad" type response, then the general is the place to see how much interest it stirs. However, if you are looking for crit, then you're gonna need to give a little more information about the feedback you require!

EDIT: it won't hotlink for some reason!
I think I'll move it to the General Gallery for a while at least, if an overall opinion is what you are looking for.
It took me a while to understand that his mouth is a mouth and not his eye. That is what I first thought it was and was quite baffled... so that is an element that was a little ... confusing.

OK, I'll move it now.
WOW! This one got booted off to the next page...QUICKLY! Hopefully I can get some good C&C now? Thanks everyone!
Thank you for the comments so far...but cummon people!!! I need more in depth critique!! :confused:
Here we go. I like the post processing with the vintage-like colour, it really helps bring a certain mood to the image. One portion of this photograph that I would change, is a higher up angle (though it could be difficult with havnig the camera set up higher yet pointing down), as I have looked at this image 3 times, and I entirely missed the face on the table portion until I looked closer to understand what precisely the fingers were doing in the shot. On that note, I do wish a few more of the fingers were included in this shot. Other than that, great job.

and just be patient for responses, sometimes you receive plenty, sometimes none. It works somewhat like the Interestingness portion of flickr. By the way, welcome to the forum :)

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