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    ********DISREGARD, I FOUND MY OWN ANSWER *********************

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I opened my photo in Photoshop 6 and made the canvas size bigger. Now I would like to make the canvas black or some other color and lay the picture on top of it and then have a different colored border.

    Can someone tell me how to make the canvas a different color? I hope I explained this well enough. I've tried doing a search on google but they all talk about changing the background on the image itself.



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    Are you talking about the canvas surrounding the image, or are you talking about enlarging your image canvas, and changing the color behind your actual image?

    If you're talking about the canvas around your image, try this:

    CreativeTechs Tips: How to change Photoshop's canvas color.

    But if you're talking about adding canvas to your image, then try this (I don't have PS opened right now, so I'll try to remember the menu items):

    Open your image > Go to > Image > Canvas Size

    Then insert your new size in the boxes,

    at the bottom of the window it will have an option "Canvas Extension Color", and that's where you'll choose your color.

    Keep in mind that your image (layers) will need to be flattened to have the option of "Canvas Extension Color"

    Hope this helps out!

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