Would you try this?

Thanks a lot. It's bad enough having someone trying to get you to go paragliding with them!

Looks great and I'd love to. But I've not got the balls to do such a thing.
:lol: The parental controls I set on my computer won't let me view it and I forget the password :lmao:

However, based on the words in the link I'm guess it's base jumping? As a life insurance underwriter I know we don't insure people who do it so I'm going with no ;)
Try it later when Aubrey can give you the password!

The video is a kick, even if you think this guy is sorta insane. :lol:
That was pretty cool... i wish i was that insane, it looks like fun.
That's way cool!

It's the thought of your last words being "OH SH**" that would keep me from doing it.

Still enjoyed watching it.
clarinetJWD said:
I'm in. Who else is going?

Isn't that wild?? :lol:

You go first....I'll be right after ya!

No, really..... :mrgreen:

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