Wu Tang´s 7th chamber >>Not Work Safe<<


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Jan 5, 2006
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I usually NEVER post things like this but this is exceptional, truly a classic.

you may want to warn people that the link is not safe for work.
oh ok..sorry bout that!
That is heavy dialogue put to childish cartoons. I have been a fan of the Wu for years. A cartoon or cute portrayal is not what the words are about. The script is about ills of the street. Realize the craziness around you then try and understand it.
You guys read deep into this. I don't actually think this is particularly deep and I think it was intended to be humourous.

I'm not quite sure about all the stuff you're seeing in it. I have the album and even in that context I don't really think it's anything that infomrative. Its not some great social narrative.

The album is up there though ...just below illmatic ;)
I see some dont know what this is about: some kid decided to make an animated skit of what is a skit wich is on the first Wu album so please dont take it for more than it is because that is the only intention it had. The reason why i posted it was because i wanted to see peoples reaction and who in here knows about this, thats all.

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