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    This is the latest revision of my web site.


    Built in CSS/HTML and my best creation so far, along with a neat image browsing java-script I have implemented which I got for free (and gave full credit for at the bottom).

    Aim to do the following to it (when I next revise it).
    • Program my own image browser, with javascript or similar (when I start teaching myself it!).
    • Step away from the 'box' layout
    • Implement arty backgrounds and frames around the pages/elements of the pages, perhaps something like the examples on CSS Zen Garden.
    • Categorise pictures better, less of the white space, more pictures.
    • Get rid of most of the pictures (as I am particularly picky and a great deal are crap in my book, no idea why I added them in the first place, apart from as 'padding'.
    So they're my plans for the future of it. Note, I'm not asking for help, just spreading knowledge of it, and asking for any critique on what I intend to do to my web site and what could be done better now.


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