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    If you are interested in seeing photographs that reflect a fresh and original viewpoint please check out my new site. These pictures are taken predominantly in the Bay Area (San Francisco). It is my hope that my viewers get a sense of my fascination with the world, my intrigue of nature, light, and architecture.

    Please take a couple minutes and view my site and drop me an email telling me what you think of it.



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    I've only had a very quick look as I'm in a rush. Some nice images on there. The only thing I noticed that I would change whist on my fly-by tour is:

    I would put the thumbails at the top of their columns full time. At the moment if you can't buy a print or one is only available in certain sizes the thumbnail sits lower down than ones next to it and so everything looks a bit wonky and miss-aligned. If you justify all thumbails at the top they will all sit in the same place regardless of what size prints are available for them. It will look a little neater then.

    I'll pop back for a proper look when I have some more time :)

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