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    so yeah, i've been doing this with a mate - http://picli.com/

    basic idea is creative peeps submit their stuff, peeps vote on it and the best stuff gets to the front page - ie the home-page will be an index of constantly cool **** to look at.... with links to the creators own webspace if people want to see more... hopefully will act as a cool gateway for creative types (especially photographers) to bounce off each other, etc, etc

    ie like; http://picli.com/God-and-His-Girlfriend-by-hudef/

    we gotta wait and see how people use it but could also work as a cool gateway for news articles n **** ( http://picli.com/Iran-TV-shows-seized-UK-navy-crew-by-mizou32/ ) - ie when saddam was hung - pic of him with link to article... although thats not really our aim or intention with it - not interested in stepping on diggs heals - but we're also not interested in censorship so if that stuff gets posted, fairplay.

    got a bunch of cool ideas for the future if it takes off, but we only launched a public beta literally a couple of hours ago...

    Still looks kinda rough around the edges (its still very very much a beta) - but bare with (the two of) us, we're working like mad men to tidy it up and add cool features. Thought we might aswell let it out into the wild whilst we work on it, so we can get as much feedback as poss..

    so umm yeee - check it out - all feedback is VERY much appreciated :)


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