X processing Fuji vs Kodak and other questions.

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    Hi all,

    This is my first post so go easy on me:)

    I have recently gotten into cross processing and the first roll I did was with Kodak e100. My results were ok, my friends red fleece bled all over the place, some stuff was pretty cool though. Was this an exposure isssue, admittedly I am not very experianced with reversal stocks. The shots with less red worked out better it seems.

    At any rate I was noticing with some of my lurking that the Fuji cross processed seems to lean more in the green direction, as apposed to Kodak which seems to go towards red. Is that a sound observation or am I incorrect?

    One last thing. I am planning to shoot and cross process some 64T shot exterior. Any heads up on what kind of color shift to expect? Normally it would be really blue, but I am curious how it will cross. Again, Kodak or Fuji? Kodaks cheaper.

    Thanks everbody,

    Phil Gerke


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