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Jul 18, 2013
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I hope I am posting this in the correct forum... If not i will gladly move my question.

I am looking to purchase a strap for my Yashica Mat... Recommendations? No leather. More practical than pretty. Do I need to purchase special hardware if I want to put a, say, DSLR strap on it? Would that even be a wise choice?

The last time I had one I found some 1/2 inch black nylon strapping and made one.

You cut to the length that makes you happy and thread it through the rectangular holes where the strap goes and melt a small hole with a soldering iron -just big enough for the stud to go through. Push said stud through the holes and there you go.

The camera isn't heavy enough to need more or at least I didn't find it so. Pay attention to it the first few times you use the strap to make sure that you didn't make the holes too big. If it really bothered you to trust the studs to hold you can thread it around the bottom and up the other side and through a buckle or just tie it behind your neck I suppose.

Or you can just buy one of these OP/TECH USA Pro Strap and Pro Loop Strap

I never wanted to be that obvious with a TLR but to each their own.
Thanks! Yeah, that strap seems to be quite bulky for my taste. I just wanted something to string around my neck if my hands ever slip or something. I like the idea of making one.
Older, 1990's style camera straps in black nylon, roughly 1/4 inch wide, with a small, enlarged neck patch, would work great. The neck/shoulder patch widened spot usually has some non-slip kinda stuff on the underside. The strap is not what draws attention to a TLR carried in public: it's the 1930's styling cues that make the camera an instant magnet for gawkers and people asking questions about it. My experience in recent times of carrying a TLR in public is that it draws attention from almost every person walking by.
I definitely wouldn't mind attention from the camera itself. I honestly think I'd enjoy it, I love talking about photography and my tlr to anyone who will listen. ;) Will I need special hardware if I found a strap I liked, but was meant for a dslr/slr?
The strap lugs on the Yashica-Mat ought to fit most any d-slr strap. There's a thread on straps for Y-M's here: Flickr: Discussing got a yashica EM, need strap suggestions in Yashica Mat

The width of camera lug and triangular split rings has not changed in decades...the lug is x/y of an inch long...on pretty much most all strap attaching lugs, and on the split rings.

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