Yay or nay?

Jon K

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Jan 23, 2005
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This is an intro image to a website I run... this is a dual exposure image, one for the sky one for the foreground. Pain in the bottom to make them mix together well, but I think I did an ok job. Thoughts?


AIRIC said:
Very unique technique. The only part I am uncertain about is it appears you turned the portion of the sky and rims of the surrounding clouds black and white, what does it look like in full colour.
Great job :)
The hot spot ruins it for me :(

I know what a pain it is, but maybe if you cloned (low opacity) some clouds into the void before blending the exposures?
I didnt touch the colours - I merely have an underexposed sky to retain detail and over exposed sky to retain detail in the car then layered them etc. I know the hot spot is a little harsh, however, the sun was literally right there thru the clouds...

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