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YeeHaw! Another Cowboy loving Bride!


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Dec 14, 2004
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This is Ashley and her fiance Bryan. I met them both when they were in the wedding parties of a past client.
Anyhoo, they are going to have a Texas inspired wedding, with lots of great rustic stuff.
On the day we shot them, it was freakishly cold for around these parts, and super duper windy. So hubby and I bribed a bar keeper so that we could get out of the cold.

Here are some of their engagment photos:







These are great, as always! #4 is my favorite :)
Just curious, how many business/street signs do you have in your "potential locations" book. I think the Love Shack is a great background..

If I have to pick a favorite, it would be standing in traffic. [grin]
"Love Shack"... "do you want fries with that?" ROTFLMAO!!!

I love the playful pictures so much better than 1 and 7. :) You always capture such genuine joy...
Thank you guys so much!
I was so bummed about losing the "L" in the fourth photo! I glad you guys still like it.
Bob, "The Love Shack" was just a total freakishly wonderful thing. I had no idea it was down there. It's a brand new place. But I was super pleased to see it.
WM, thank you. I hate doing the posey posey stuff. I'm not good at it. I always like the fun stuff too, but they always pick the posey posey. :-(
But thank you guys for all the kind words.
These are awesome photos. You obviously know your stuff.

One thing I was curious about was in number three, did the girl move, or is there some different coloration next to the atm machine, between the girl and her fiance?
I LOVE the Love shack photos! You are so good at capturing the connection between people in love! Bravo!
I am a fan of your style. Portraity and yet photo journalisticish :)
Awe these are sweet, simple but beautifulk at the same time. I never really notice or care about things like this but for some reason the way the guys hand is on his lap in the first one looks awkward to me - and i must say the pickiness of that critique even bothers myself. LOL I am nevr noticing things like that because they don't make or break a picture. I'm weird today don't mind me.
#5 is my favorite - where do you find all of these pretty poeple - they just flock to you or what LMAO
Once again Cindy, a spectacular job.

#6 is my favorite. It seems like a genuine, intimate moment caught in time. I love the nose-play.

The only issue I have with the Love Shack shots (gotta love that location) is that she looks as though she has no right hand. I know you mentioned that it was freakishly cold and this may have been a survival technique for her, but it looks odd.
Number 6 is my fav. I would hang that on my wall :)
#1 and 7 are my least favorite, mainly because there is no real texture in the faces... too plasticised. Other than that they look great!

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