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Nov 18, 2005
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How on earth would you crop this? the weighting disturbs me but i couldnt find any way of improving it.


Thanks Mohain, although it is nicer to get in close i am not a hundred percent sure, i think it still has some of the problems from the noncropped image, perhaps it needed to be rotated (which does not work so well with digital)? or something to weight the LHS more?


From the same walk in the park, which of these too works best?



the heron was manipulated a little in the second one.

thanks for the version below core_17 definatly an improvement

and are the images loading? or do they look like small red xs?
The images loaded for me...not sure what to say about the first one, but I like it! :D I'm envious of those that are able to do macro!

As for the bird...I think he sticks out a little better in the first one...but in both I think he needs to stand out better from the background.

Is this OTE?? I'm at work now, but I'll try my best to remember to come back to this thread when I get home.
Thats a releif, i am only getting a blank space where the pics should be. I think the bird has had it then, i cant get him to stand (although it is better when not resized) out any more without making it look unnatural. Many thanks for the comments, what does OTE mean BTW :)?

These are some cool shots. Nicely done.
Hi tpe.

I get the blank space thing sometime on my work's PC. Restart is the only thing that seems to solve it.

For what it's worth I've done a crop (OK, a flip and a crop). What do you recon?


And I prefer Heron No. 1.

Both great shots tho :) :thumbup:



EDIT: I think my crop needs a bit more of the image in on the left hand side ...
Here's my attempt at editing the Heron.


I adjusted the levels a bit, gave the contrast a slight boost, and did just a couple of points on the shadow/highlight thingy.
Wow, that was very nice to wake up to. I cant understand why anyone wouldn't want to have their photos edited. There is no better way to learn.
core_17 the heron looks to work much better, i had put the second one up because my wife who i generally trust in these things said it was better to have the space at the top but you took the one with the space at the bottom and i am inclined to agree that it looks better and the bird stands out nicely, i should have posted a link to the high resolution version, then i could have saved my self some work by getting you to do it ;). oh well repetition is good for learning.

Mohain, the flip really helps to see what is up with the photo, strange that, I think you are right about which way to crop it, but somehow i think that the balance gets messed up. Did you mean more on the left hand side of the original or on your crop, there wasnt anything extra on the original unfortunatly. If the image had some burn and dodge on your crop it would probably work better and make the crop work the way it should? err if you know what i mean.

Thanyou both for the hard work, i will redo them on the high res and force some pictures on the rest of the family :).

Hi tpe,

From what I understand it's better to have a subject leading in from the left. Something to do with the way us westerners scan the page from left to right. It took someone to point it out to me as I'm left handed and lots of my images were 'left handed'!

I agree my crop is too tight. If you look at your original image I think it could do with a small crop off the left and the right to remove the darkish parts of the plant. I can't do another crop right now as I'm at work, but you might know what I mean (obviously the flip as well)?


your images just took forever to load in my browser, i'm not sure what the problem is, but just as i was about to give up on it... they popped up! I'm glad they did because i love your heron photos in the field of flowers... very nice... :thumbup:

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