Yes,...A Sunset


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Apr 1, 2004
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I really like the colour and composition on this one!
It's a stunning sunset!!:thumbup:
WOW, a saturated color photo from Tuna that different ;)and nice one at that, I like how the exposure is very even, my sunset tend to have both extreme over & under exposed areas
crawdaddio said:
Tuna in color? Blasphemy!!

Nice shot, I like the silhouettes.

:lol: ..... its a rare event!..... beautiful shot tho, really nicely exposed :thumbup:
dYsfunctionaL said:
May i ask what the settings were when you took this? It came out awesome

Hi. I don't recall the settings but I think what was important was how to get a light reading in this situation. I chose to do an averaged incident reading with a hand-held meter of the light coming from the sunset, then opened up a couple of stops to compensate for the reflectiveness off the water and to allow some detail in the sand. I suppose that an in-camera reflective reading would have required a spot metering of a middle tone of the scene - in this case I would have chosen the water surface - and again opened up a stop or two.

I like it, but I think it would be better if the shadows were darker. I think you should do a little levels adjesment and make the darks really dark.
that sky is amazing
Tuna in colour!
And what colours!
So beautiful.
JonK said:
hey tuna...curious as to which colour film yer shooting? while yer at it you may as well reveal what you use for your BW work as well.

thanks :)

This was shot with Fuji Reala - some old film I was trying to get rid of. Normally, I shoot slides for color - Velvia, Kodak EC, etc. No real preference. For B&W, I have recently been using Kodak TMAX 100 and 400 but still prefer the scanning capabilities of C-41 B&W - my choice is Kodak's CN400.


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