yes it's supposed to look like this


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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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That mason jar is for sweet tea ... not pens and pencils! :lol:
Theeeeeere ya go ... that's a bit of home!

You just can't find 'em with handles anymore, though!

No kidding, my mom still swears that tea tastes better out of a mason jar!

My husband's grandfather still had cases of these things from 40 years ago ... never opened ... that they found after his death. (they also found 40 year old canned chowchow, but that was another matter all together! :er: )

I'm too clumsy to use glass ... I stick with the styro 44 oz cup from Sonic!

Now, why are the pics supposed to look like that? Is that your turn of the century cam you're using?
God so much to say lol..

The jars were a gift...

My dad drank from a mayonaise jar. I have to use a plastic cup bcause My balance is so bad these days. I also have a coffee cup shaped like a mercury space capsule.

chow chow, god someone who doesn't think it's a dog. Im in love.

When my mother died the kids fought over only one things. Her metal sugar scoup. We were all convinced that it was the secret to her iced tea.

No i don't do this kind of picture with the old ones yet, This is color I shoot the retros only in black and white then colorize them.

No the one I posted for the rest of the world is just very high key. It is meant to be that way as just a washed out kind of print. The kind of thing you see with your eyes when you look at something sitting in a window sill on a bright sunny day.

Those are my paint brushes and pencils for my print painting days. Back when I could see well enough to do that. Now I have a program that I can use to do it and another one I can use to fade the colors like this one.

Camera lol... this was shot with a pns digital camera that costs about thirty or forty dollars there are no real adjustments it is all done with smoke and mirrors.

We haven't had sonics too long here but they did down in Asheboro. I don't know where you are from, but we have little tiny areas of gene pools in North Carolina. Just got really mobile the last forty years or so. Point was there are more red heads in Asheboro, where the only sonic was for years, than anywhere else. Redhead car hops was the image when you said sonic.

Well I think I covered everything. Thanks for looking and is the washed out look that objectionable? lol.
While chowchow is fine ... made in someone else's house (you should have seen the way this cantankerous fella lived!) ... no one would dare touch what he made in the last ten years!:confused:

There are certain things that make sweet tea perfect ... hope you won the battle of the scoop!

I'm from Arkansas ... I know aaaallll about shallow gene pools! Raven and I are related to half of our town, and their third cousins on their momma's side!
Oh yes everybody knows everybody even if you aren't related. When I wanted to try being a cop I had to move away, so as not to arrest all my kin. So is the faded colors objectionable I still dont have an answer. Trust me you arent going to hurt my feelings (here it comes the southern) honey.

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