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Jun 30, 2013
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Hello Everyone,

This might be kind of a noob question, but I've been going into photography seriously for about a year, I bought a $30 speedlight to practice with but right now I feel the time has come to move to off-camera speedlights and wireless transmitters. I don't have the kind of budget to get a canon flash, so I'm thinking Yongnuo. I want a flash that I can control from the camera, so I can put it inside a softbox and change the settings from my camera screen without having to fiddle with my lighting setup every two minutes. My friend got a 560, but he's saying he has to manually control it.

My question is, which Yongnuo flashes have that feature?

Thanks for the help!
I have a Yongnuo and I really like it. I haven't used Canon so I can't compare, but my YN has yet to miss fire. I have the one in the above link... it has TTL or full manual modes, it can also work as a slave unit. I just bought wireless transceiver/receiver kit. I also have a SunPack speedlight that came with a 35mm Canon Rebel that I bought used. I don't know much about it though. ImprovePhotography.com does a review on the YN 560, they recommend it.
Thanks a lot Buckster and wyogirl, I'm still learning about the world of lighting, so this technology (controlling speedlight using the camera) is called TTL?

Thanks for the link to amazon, that's where i buy most of my stuff (should start buying off of B&H, though) :)
Wow! Thanks for the link :) I'm gonna devour that website...

Dinardy, I just looked up the 560 II, it's not TTL is it? (at least it doesn't say so on the Amazon page)
Dinardy, I just looked up the 560 II, it's not TTL is it? (at least it doesn't say so on the Amazon page)

Nope. Fully manual, but they rock. I have 4 of them..
Got it! Isn't it cumbersome to have to fiddle with it manually when it's already mounted inside a softbox?

Love the quotes in your signature jwbryson1, btw (especially 2 & 3)
If you are talking about making minor adjustments to the light while shooting, you can also go with wireless triggers such as:

Pocketwizard® - Wireless transmitters and receivers

Put a remote on each flash and use the AC3 zone controller to set the power. Will do three zones, no mater how many flash units are in each zone.

You mount the AC3 on your camera, and you don't have to move from your position to adjust the light on the remotes.

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