You should start out learning studio with 2 lights...

Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by DocFrankenstein, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I keep hearing this advice again and again.

    Last week I picked up an optical slave. So now I can use 2 off-camera flashes to experiment.

    The question is:
    Do you have any particular assignments/challenges for this kind of lighting?

    Here's what I got from a session with my bro which was cut short:

    If you have any "double flash assignments", please tell me.

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    Lets analyize your lighting. Images 5121 and 5133 have very nice portrait type lighting, actually I'm quite impressed. In 5123 the lighting is called kicker lighting and is used in conjunction with the type of lighting you used in 5121 and 5133 to add another dimension to the subject. In 5129 the lighting is called ghoul lighting and is used on anyone who wants to look like Frankenstein! In the movies however the lighting ratio is more like 3 or 4 to one whereas yours is about 1 1/2 to 1 so the effect is not as pronounced in your image.

    Here is an idea I cooked up when I used to use Vivitar 283's in umbrellas so I could have modeling lights. I bought some clamp type lights from the hardware store and removed the reflectors and rigged up the sockets so they pointed into the umbrella. I used the most powerful screw type of flood light bulbs I could find (200 watt I think) but keep it as far from the flash unit as you can to prevent melting the plastic flash unit!


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