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your first "photograph"


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Jun 27, 2010
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I had some fun looking back at my very first post on this forum, way back in 2010. Pretty funny what i found. This was taken with my phone camera. Try to find your first photo you ever took with intention of making it a "photograph" and post it :) This should be fun!

My first photograph predates the innernets by decades.
To be honest I don't even remember which photograph was the first. I took way too many and it has been so long ago. LOL
One of my earliest photos, taken of my brother at my grandparents' farm. This very spot is underwater right now, part of a duck pond/bass lake my brother has created. This picture was made circa 1974, I would guess. Taken with a plastic box camera that used 620 rollfilm, and which I payed 10 cents for at a school rummage sale.

Also uploaded some time ago to: Very first photo you ve taken Photography Forum
My actual first photograph is lost to the ages. The one image I credit sparking my interest is one I still have in my possession. Taken August 12, 1976 with a Polaroid SX-70 in Glacier National Park.

Love the SX-70 shot. My sister in this shot would soon have one of those. My grandfather has the Nikon Ftn loaded with Kodachrome 64. I was not allowed slide film yet so this one is on Kodacolor 100 and has a satin finish print (my preference at the time) and taken using a hand-me-down Argus C44.
Four Corners in 1974
Four Corners 1974.jpg
After school was out, when I was 16 (1957), I took a bus from London ON to Lake Worth Fla. to visit my grandmother. She bought me a Kodak Brownie & here are two pics from the first roll of film in it.

1. Grandmother in front of her house.


2. Miami park.

My first attempt at "real" photographs were taken with a disposable camera. They were of my cousin, playing dress up. I hung a terribly ugly pink/teal/purple tie dye-esque sheet up as a backdrop. We were about 9 and I think she might disown me if I posted them on the internet. ;-)

This was taken in my first (possibly second) photography class in high school. It's one of the only first photos I've bothered to scan in.

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