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Jul 26, 2003
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Ehm...never posted any photos in here, but anyway...I got some shots of a waterfall...I made some black/white and left some colored....what do you think looks better? I'll put the best shot I made on here, cause I'm pretty curious what you like better...(I know the photo is far away from being perfect, but well...who cares).


i personally like the black & white better :) ... i think its too much blue color in the water...
I prefer the b&w too. The only problem is that the focal point, where the water is best focused and motion stopped, is in deep shadow and hard to see.
yup i go for the BW, but the colored one is great if the water werent that blue. :)
I think the B&W one is better. I don't think the color one is bad because of the blue, but the green in the upper left corner. I think it looks a bit washed out due to being over exposed.
They're both good, though i agree that the B&W is slightly better. Also have to agree with Voodoo in regards to the top of the pic being washed out a little.

As long as you and the camera were both dry after taking the shot, i say top marks for getting in amongst it and trying to get a different angle for the shot.
yeah, we both stayed dry ;)

I agree with you about the top being washed out, but I have a very simple digital camera with nothing to adjust myself except the zoom ;).

I myself also prefer the b/w photo, my mum just had a look at it and said she didn't like it at all, so that's why I wanted to hear some other opinions :D

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