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Jun 15, 2005
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Does anyone sell their own photoes online? If so what site can you put your photoes up for people to look/buy?
I tried ePay several years ago, a big flop. I post a lot of images on pbase and sold a few, no biggie. I have not really worked at marketing online, but I know no one who has succeeded at making any real money at online sales unless they have a dedicated site and are very active at marketing they work.
All of the artists in our art gallery also have their own websites. Not one of them makes any money from it, nor do I from mine. I think I've made maybe $200 in 4 years from my own site.
I just started my own site using iWeb and hosting it using .mac. so far it has been very easy to use but no cusomers yet:( heres my site
Unfortunately, unless you're a "known" name, it's really hard to get people to come to your site. People don't like buying art online. They like to see it in person.
Right now, I have my own website, but haven't gotten around to selling. That Zenfolio looks pretty snazzy.

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