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hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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Yep moving away from photographing that panther that roams the wildlansd of the UK and ignoring that chance to captuer Bigfoot playing chess - what are your plans for photos that you want to take - either this year or in the near future and what made you want to take that photo in the first place?
Winter is over so its time to get planning and get shooting too!

For myself I have a few ideas for this comming year and one or two longer term plans:

1) LaFoto disease - water drops and now oil drops! They will be done at some point and I have many ideas for playing with backgrounds and flash lighting!
Inspired by - of course - LaFoto!

2) Life on Earth - By David Attenborough - Page 93 (in my edition at least) there is a photo of a butterfly emerging from its crysilis - that is my inspireation for a shot - infact I would like the chance to take a series of shots of such and event! Requires more planning in this idea and I suspect the only real way to get it to work is to setup my own small scale butterfly farm and also get some good info on the life cycle and timings (as well as some catapillers) and grow my own. Might be possible in a butterfly farm, but it would mean being on good terms with the owners to get the best times to visit for emerging butterflies (since getting there and in will cost money).
In the field would be great, but its also the hardest way to go about this

3) HDR butterfly and sky - this one might never happen (I am horrid at getting out of bed early) and also requires some rather specific setup conditions - namely a good interesting sky; a still butterfly and having said butterfly on stem of a plant to allow it to be isolated and also to allow for it to be moved out of the way. The concept of the shot is 2 shots at least - first of the butterfly - and then second of the sky behind the insect (without the insect to allow for easier merging of the photos - a really blurrly blob in the middle of the shot will not work at all so the insect and stem have to be moved out of the way.
Its possible, but its going to be a tricky shot to get - and it will need a tripod setup as well.
Not really sure where the idea came for this shot - but its one I would really like to have a try at - probably also with image stacking on the insect as well to allow for a really high level of close up detail fully covering the whole bug.

Beyond those ideas I have a few more, but they are more dreams than anything else and (At the moment) have less planning and feasability than those above.

So those are my ideas what are yours?
1. I too want to try out waterdrops and reflections within them.

2. I plan to do some serious leg work and search out fox and coyote dens this spring for some long days of shooting playful pups.

3. I am ordering my studio strobes this week and realisticly speaking, I just want to have a basic understanding and a knowledgable base to begin using them professionally by the end of the year.

4. I also want to do some different perspectives from the "norm". Some really eye catching stuff.....;)
I should really add your second option to my list - I really really should!
but the amount of time needed might start to make me feel guilty about things -------- why is life so complicated!!!
I am lucky enough to live with a couple miles of the dens (I think) and my scouting buddy is my father in-law who has trapped and hunted the area for over 50 years. I lay awake at night thinking about the pups playing outside the den hole.
ahh nothing beats getting experienced help! Do you have a hide you can setup as well - with pups I doubt that the foxes would roam far from the den* for a long while as the pups grow (unless they are badly disturbed).

*barring the dogfox who will be off and about hunting of course
I plan on concentrating on photographing more of the city/ and the underbelly that lurks there. I have always been fascinated with our history, and roaming the back allies, has unearthed some great finds. In other words, I want to do a lot more street stuff.
I will also be concentrating on more of my horror/dark related images. I have hooked up with a few that really work that type of genre, and do it well.
Option 2 is to pack it in all together. :lol::lol::lol:
I want to branch off a bit from the scenic photos I normally take and :

1. try doing some textures, patterns & abstract sort of stuff.

2. I'd like to do more black & white photography

3. I'd also like to get the reflections in water droplets.... I'd like to get a clear water drop! LOL
There are a million places I have had my eye on to go visit with the camera (train yard, around town, stuff like that). Unfortunately, I couldn't think to spare the cost of fuel to go roaming around to these places. My wife starts her new job tomorrow evening and now that we will have the funds to pay off bills and have extra, I will be stuck at home taking care of the kids so I still won't be able to go for these shots.

Although, if I end up with a new camera sometime through this wife working deal, both kids will have their own cameras (my old ones) and perhaps they could be persuaded into going on some "photography adventures."
To enjoy myself mostly.
A waterfall.

I can't remember the last time I saw one. There are none where I live now. Hell, there is hardly any water - and even if there was, there is noting for it to fall off of.
My realistic aim is to become adequate at portrait photography (I will use 2010 to become pretty good, and 2011 to become good...etc...:lol:). I also would love to get a field pass to get some good shots at an LSU football game, but I ain't holdin' my hand over my butt waiting for that one.

I also DO NOT want to take dramatic photographs of extensive hurricane damage around town.

if I end up with a new camera sometime through this wife working deal

I'd love to have a working wife too. BUT, that would also mean that I would have to have a wife. PASS.
I think I can only list what I would LIKE to do, but can't say those are actual plans:

- Make more use of the Leica (!) - which is a "plan" I've been having since my father allowed me to take and use it

- Go into the city a lot more to photograph (street, but also NIGHT!!!), it's the drive there (and the push I have to give myself in order to get into the car and only just START driving over), or the costs and time for the train ride into the city that keep me from actually doing more about it.

- Become better (!) - and consistently so.

- Proper lighting and portraiture are interesting fields, but since I don't plan to become a pro photographer ever, this is among my fields of interest, but far down on the list. It is on the list, though. I might book myself into a workshop, if there's money there for one.

Top of the list is to hit the desert with Abraxas. Time does not seem to be on my side. Second on the list is developing an extensive "Classic Hollywood" portfolio.

Love & Bass
reacquaint myself with photography specifically with a dslr....

why i stop this very nice hobby years ago i have no idea... but i am back and got a long ways to go.... wish me luck
Nudes, really sexy nudes... and then I want to shoot more nudes. (lol)

Kidding aside, I am looking for that method and technique that will let me get that photo so that I can order that 24 X 48 canvas of my family that really touches me inside.

As a project and some practice, as soon as it gets a little warmer, I want to recreate the Twilight poster but using my family... that just for fun, though.

Still searching. :)

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