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Your shooting philosophy

What is your shooting approach?

  • I shoot what looks good to me. I don't see any themes in my work.

    Votes: 15 48.4%
  • I can see a theme or two when I look through my work, but I don't think about that when I shoot.

    Votes: 12 38.7%
  • When I shoot, I try to keep a theme/message/point in mind and want it to show in the image.

    Votes: 4 12.9%

  • Total voters
I'm somewhere between two and three, especially when it comes to landscape shots. I have some attraction to shooting things that naturally frame each other.
2-3, i've gone out shooting for the sake of shooting, and only later on saw a theme... then i've gone out shooting for a specific thing

i like the surprise of 2
Thanks for the replies.

And I just thought of a clarification. When I say theme, I don't mean something like "ducks" or "sports", but something like "fear" or "happiness". An emotion or concept, not a subject.
I tend to be #2, though sometimes #1. I am really trying to move towards going out with a theme in mind, but so far that really hasn't happened much yet.
I am a mixture of those options I'd say. I sometimes just take pictures of things that are interesting looking. These pictures don't really have any significant meaning or depth behind them.

Othertimes I shoot a series with an common emotional theme. These photos always end up having a greater connection with me.
I don't leave the house with a 'theme' in mind. It isn't stuffed into my gadget bag with the film, filters, exposure meter and notebook.

When composing a photograph, I do pay attention to the mood which the final print will convey. This in turn affects the exposure and choice of filter. As you might suspect, I'm methodical, working with a tripod and usually composing to an eventual height/width ratio.

For street photography, on the other hand, all bets are off! The recognition of a composition and 'shooting' it doesn't leave time to reflect upon 'themes.' [There'll be plenty of time to count my money when the game is over, as the old song suggests.] In the heat of the chase, it's me and my trusty ol' Russky rangefinder out there wingin' it.
I shoot when my heart/instinct prompts me.
I tend to need a theme that I switch up every couple of months. Horses are the current one, but that is a long story. Approaching the subject I consider my take on it's natural beauty.

I try and approach my commercial work the same way. Then you have art directors and clients. Sometimes shots with everyone's input are fun.
most of the work i'm venturing into has a dark tone... so i try to avoke some degree fear or intimidation, so that would be a #3 for me. However when im shooting landcapes i would have to admit that aesthetics is my main concern, with a bit of personal perspective thrown in, so maybe a #1 or #2 there. I'll only add one vote tho for the subject i spend most of my time doing.
I rarely have a specific theme in mind when out shooting, but i believe that being a specific type of person, i take a specific type of shots and from someone else's point of view, there's probably some common theme/pattern to all of my pictures.
so i'm probably more of a #2 type :D
I have yet to develop any type of style or personal theme at all, so for now I would say #1. However, i beleive that after a while i will naural gravitate to one sort of emotion i end up displaying in my pictures.

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