Zenith 80 - How do they compare?


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Feb 5, 2013
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Im buying my girlfriend a medium format camera for her birthday as she studies photography at uni and loves medium format - shes really good! Myself i only have a little experience with up to date DSLRs but have been researching for about a week now to get her the best within my budget. From whats on eBay at the moment my options appear to be Zenith 80, Mamiya 645 1000s, Bronica ETRS(i), Hasselblad 500 E/M 120. From careful questions i've found out she used a hasselblad of some sort at uni as well as a mamiya and preferred using the hassie. I understand that Zenith made almost copies of hasselblads, are they just as good and can lenses etc be found as easily? Ive seen a couple of the 645 1000s go for just over £220 with a lot of accessories thrown in so they seem quite good value but would rather get something i know she will like the use of. Bronica has been recommended but im not sure how they function in comparison to the mamiya. The 500 E/M finished auction at £220 but reserve was not met, i wasnt really looking to spend over that.. If the Zenith 80 is almost the same it would be ideal! Any suggestions or advice on the cameras ive mentioned there would be awesome, Thanks!
Do you have any camera stores around you that sell used gear?

Otherwise, i would suggest the classified ads in forums such as this one, DPREVIEW.com, and others. Ebay- there are good sellers. BUT- many are sold untested, and hard to know if there are hidden flaws if you do not know how to test. Getting a camera from a store that gives a warranty is best, buying gear from someone that used it, or at least know how to test it- better than Ebay.

I buy a lot of lenses from Ebay- but do a lot of repair myself. I buy assuming it is good for parts.

The Hasselblad is the best brand of those listed, Bronica and Mamiya almost as good, Zenith- not as well made.

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