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Zoo Trip...


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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I went to this strange little zoo last week, a bit like the magic roundabout zoo from the league of gentlemen! most of these shots were taken through cages with wire mesh which made getting the focus right a real pain, seems you have to slightly off focus the shot for some reason (I'm sure someone more technical would be able to write essays about refraction, I'm just not that smart). Anyway, here you go, comments very welcome, criticism even more so...

1: a very friendly little guy...

2: I've never been to a zoo where you can pet the penguins before

3: A serval cat, well, kitten apparently but this thing was huge as well as very shy.

4: the goat really didn't like me kneeling down to take shots of him.

5: Bambi strikes back

6: I can't decide if the fence adds to this shot or takes away from it...

7: Ring Tailed Leemur.

8: Finally saw a way to make the fences interesting. Well, kind of...
Ah, you pretty much eliminated the mesh of the fences in the peacock photo, I like it as it is, and you were lucky to have the peacock stand up and open its tail for you! When my sister and I went to the bird park the weekend before last (many photos through mesh wire fences!!!), their peacock there was quite, quite lazy... :roll:
Might eventually show some pics ... couldn't as yet make up my mind, though.

The other photo here that I really like a lot is that goat.
Not only are his horns quite dangerous looking ... he's also staring daggers at you! :D
I'm happy to see you came out alive! :lol:
there were 3 peacocks in the one cage so they were all trying to show off, had them all going at one point but the wide andgle with the fence mesh just ruined the shot, shame really as they're pretty hard to find in the wild over here.

As for the goat, he got very stroppy as I was at his eye level and I fed his girlfriend. I had a good one oh him doing the 'bull about to charge' pose but there was a car park in the background that ruined it...
The Peacock shot is great I love the effect of the Fence ( never thought I'd say that )

Just out of interest where were they taken??
They weren't taken too far from you, a zoo in a little village called Ipsden, they're due to close down in September as the owners are retiring so you'd best get there quick if you want to go...

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