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    Question ecn-2 processing

    Does anyone have experience processing ecn-2 in the darkroom, and if so, is it much more difficult than c-41?

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    Isn't ECN2 is an equivilent to the C41 process, but for developing colour movie film rather than stills? Perhaps the Darkroom bit of the forum might be able to help more.


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    ECN-2 differs SIGNIFICANTLY from C-41.

    ECN-2 starts with a prebath (chemical process Kodak PB-2) which physically removes rem-jet backing after the solution softens it. Either a spray or a physical scrubber are used.

    The ECN-2 developer is specified as 3:00 (180 seconds) at 106F (41.1C). It uses Color Developing Agent 3 (CD-3).

    Meanwhile C-41 uses a completely different developer (using CD-2) at 100F (37.8C) 3:15 (195 seconds).

    As far as secondaries are concerned (bleach, fixer, stabilzer) there are differences, but C-41 and ECN-2 2ndaries are completely interchangeable, might be slight tweaks in the process commercially, but using one shot, and as they're all develop to completion, I'd just up the times 10% if flip-flopping, and they'll be perfectly fine archival negatives after that.

    C-41 2ndaries are probably of a higher quality. They are definitely more expensive. ECN-2 2ndaries are cheaper, per unit volume, but tend to be available at a MINIMUM size of 100-L. This precludes the casual user from obtaining them unless they are friends with a motion picture lab.

    One can also mix ECN-2 developer according to Kodak PDF instructinos, but even there the chemical list is lengthy and the components expensive.




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