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    Most interesting on

    The most interesting items from

    1. Contax III EX+
    2. Leningrad EX++
    3. TTL prism K88 NEW
    4. Mir-1 37/2.8 Automatic
    5. Zenit-C EX++
    6. Kiev-3a+box EX++
    7. Kiev-35a NEW
    8. MC Vega-28B EX++
    9. Zorki-10+box EX+
    10. Zorki-4+box EX++
    11. Kiev-2a+box EX++
    12. Kiev-4AM EX++
    13. American Light-metter "GE"
    14. Leningrad+box EX++
    15. Kiev-2 EX+
    16. Kiev-2a EX+
    17. Zorki-1b EX++
    18. Fed-S EX+
    19. Fed-2+box EX++
    20. Lubitel+box EX++
    21. Jupiter-12(black) (contax) EX++
    22. Zenit-C+box EX++
    23. Moskwa-5+box EX++
    24. Zorki-1a #07661 EX+
    25. Kiev-5 EX+
    26. Moskwa-4 EX++
    27. Ikoflex 853/16 EX+
    28. Kiev-2a+box EX++
    29. Rare Sport VG+
    30. Jupiter-9 (leica) VG
    31. Jupiter-3 (leica) EX++
    32. Rare! Iskra-2 EX++
    33. Zorki-3 EX
    34. Moskwa-2 EX
    35. Moskwa-3 EX+
    36. Zorki-3C EX++
    37. Zenit-ET EX++
    38. Kiev-4a+box EX++
    39. Zorki-1 EX++
    40. Fed-4+box EX+
    41. Zorki-3M+box EX++
    42. Lubitel-166 Universal+box EX++
    43. Zorki-3+box EX++
    44. Fed-Berdski EX++
    45. Kiev-4a(black) EX++
    46. Zorki-5 EX+
    47. FED-NKAP-CCCP(Red flag) EX+
    48. Zorki-4K EX++
    49. F-21(KGB Spy camera) EX++
    50. Zorki-1+box EX++

    This is just the 10-15% of the list.
    More then 3 years in business!

    Come and see!

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    I would like to get a Zorki one of these days. Great way to get a Leica type rangefinder for very cheap. For those of you that are unfamiliar, the zorki's take leica screwmount lenses. Thanks for the link.

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    Zorkii 4, 50 Years of Soviet Power


    I have forgotten all my Russian language schooling, sorry for not being able to say more than this.

    Anyway, I know the Russsian cameras all too well. Have worked a long time with my first SLR, a Zenit B. Which, after many years has quit on me. I have taken it apart and tried to fix it, only to realize that there were lots of parts that I could not fit back in!!! That was my first lesson in camera repair, some twenty years ago! Ever since that day, I collect cameras, working or not. About 90% of the non-working cameras are brought back to life through some CLA, so I can say that I have had some succes in repairing the older ones.

    Just a question to which you might know the answer. I own a 1967 made Zorkii 4, with the '50 years of Soviet Power' logo on top plate, and I heard that there is another version of it, with the logo on the back of the camera body. Is this version a newer or an older one? Let me know if you have an idea or not. Thank you.
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