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    HDR tone mapping

    I'm going to start this off saying I don't use photoshop, and I don't see myself ever using it. So, thanks but no thanks for advice in the photoshop direction.

    I've downloaded a slew of programs for HDR imaging. And I don't have a tripod, so the stuff is coming out, how do you say, non-ideal. I'll probably put the camera on a table and see how it comes out again, but I think i'll still be getting movement between frames after adjusting the shutter speed.

    It appears HDRShop does tone mapping by default, whereas mkhdr does not and simply composes the values into a HDR image. Is this accurate?

    Are there any true open-source programs that will tone map the output of mkhdr? Or, for that matter, any other open-source HDR apps that people use?




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