Creating a Website

  1. the green girl
    the green girl
    Hi Fellow Canucks

    I am new to Photo Forum (and forums in general), but really need a lot of advice. I am hoping to start a new photography business within the next 6 months and am investingating how to create a website. Does anyone have any preferences or suggestions as to what company to use. Do I go Canadian or American, does it matter.

    I am also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for companies to have my images processed as well. I live in Calgary.

    Thanks so much for any advice in advance. Looking forward to hearing from some of you
  2. dbarcroft
    Have a look at StormWeb • $5.95/month Unlimited Canadian Web Hosting • Free Domain They have unlimited space and bandwidth plus free Sitebuilder program. I use Silvano labs in Toronto for most printing. Welcome to Silvano Color Labs, the Premiere Professional Photo Lab in Toronto Canada
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