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Thread: "If You Don't Like It, Don't Look!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crollo

    I agree that Megan is getting a little pushy right now, but to be fair you're really not helping by instigating and making personal comments. I may have said some stupid or senseless stuff but it wasn't aimed directly at her so of course she's going to keep an open mind. Push her with personal comments or insults she's going to react differently.
    And I'm sorry if it's irritating that I'm trying to defend my rights. I've conceded with everyone who said it made them uncomfortable and not one single person has even understood the other side. But you're not women - I get that. You may have kids but it's still different. Y'all think we should have consideration for everyone else but nobody should have consideration for us and our kids. It's not always feasible to do what everyone feels is considerate but does that matter to any of you. Obviously not because you've never been there so you have no idea.

    I'm done with this whole thing. This wasn't going horribly until some came in with their snarky, ridiculous comments.

    This wasn't directed at you Crollo!
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    And I think we are through here since its heading into snark, insults and more so I'll just close this with

    *sorry its the best I've got on the subject....
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    How to get critique on your photography!

    The Mentor Scheme mentoring on TPF all are welcome to read and apply

    Best photos on the net!
    well at least I like to think so - sometimes


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