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    Well, some folks have figured it out. It has been on for a week but now comes the official announcement. (Read: like this is now the 13th because I'm not staying up until midnight)

    13 JANUARY 2010

    Creative Image Maker is proud to announce the release of the first printed quarterly journal from its storefront. This printed issue is 45 pages in length and contains a write up on the Frederick Scott Archer project by Quinn Jacobson and an accompanying group portfolio of wet-plate collodion work by various photographers. Nicholas Andre brings us his process for souping color film. Christian Tobar has a good write up on the Kodak Brownie 2A. John Kiely brings a good article on stand processing. Yours truly has an article on some basic printing techniques. And staff member Rob Valine has a great editorial on a recent venture using black and white film.

    There is also an electronic .pdf download available. However, it only has about half the material as the paper issue. It is still the same length as previous downloads for those who cannot afford the paper magazine.

    The going price (slightly higher than anticipated) is $10.00 USD plus post.

    I hope that you all enjoy the magazine. Thank you for reading and helping to make CIM what it has become.


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