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    I am back on my 'shed the domains' kick. My current marketing scheme is in place and I I'd love to shed some of the domains I'm just not using and no longer plan to use while focusing on building a brand within my wedding photography.

    Each of the domains below has proven to be easy to remember, easy for people to associate with, and thus drive higher traffic to a web site from a geographic region.

    I'll start with the exception to the 'geographic' traffic. The two non-geographic specific domains have been fantastic for use in both in wedding and non-wedding marketing campaigns. These domains are not only easy to remember but highly encourage the viewers to actually click the link!

    These two domains are:

    These two domains are being sold at US$200 each or US$375 for the pair.

    Onto the geographic, and wedding specific domains

    Both of these domains had great success over the past few years I used them in their specific markets. The domains are being sold at US$100 each

    The final three domains are for London, Paris and Hong Kong

    These domains are being sold at US$200 each. If you'd like to bundle them that can be arranged as well for aspiring, or established, international wedding shooters.

    Interested in purchasing a domain name? Drop me an e-mail at fish@fishfoto.com
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