Who can tell me about Canon and Nikon's warranty page?

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by Sweet fang, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Who can tell me about Canon and Nikon warranty page?In Canon and Nikon's website i can't find their warranty page.please help me!Thanks! [​IMG]

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    It's best to read the actual warranty.

    Enter the URL NikonUSA.com
    Click on the "Service & Support" tab
    In the "Search By Keyword" box type 'Warranty'

    The #1 result should be "Nikon Warranty and Product Registration".
    Click on that phrase. When that page displays, scroll down to "Answers others found helpful" and click on "Nikon Digital Imaging Warranty". :thumbup:

    Enter the URL CanonUSA.com
    Click on "Support& Drivers"
    Under 'Product Type', Click on "Consumer Home and Office"
    Under 'Product Family', Click on "EOS (SLR) Camera Systems"
    Under 'Product Series' , Click on "EOS (SLR) Camera Systems"
    Under 'Models', click on any "Service and Support" tab.
    Scroll down to "Service & Repair"
    Click on "Warranty Terms". :thumbup:

    Easy, Peesy, Extra Cheesy. :wav::smileys::wav:
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