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    BOSS Backdrops is proud to present the new kind of Wrinkle free andWashable backdrop material with superior quality at very reasonableprices than Muslin backdrops.

    We are confident that our wrinkle free backdrops will give better results than Muslin. Once you try our wrinkle free backdrops, you will be reluctant to use Muslin backdrops.

    :thumbup: WRINKLE FREE
    :thumbup: WASHABLE
    :thumbup: DIFFUSED
    :thumbup: DRYER SAFE
    :thumbup: NO NEED TO ROLL

    We use special wrinkle free cloth (Polyester Textured Yarn) for all our backdrops.

    We offer following types of backdrops.
    Spray backdrops using the spray technique which are also diffused.Since our Spray backdrops are already diffused, there is no minimumdistance required between the backdrop and the subject whicheliminates the need for bigger sizes backdrops.
    6 X 10 is ideal for portrait and couple
    8 X 12 for portrait, couple and for family (up to 4 people).
    Old Tie N Dye technique for our Tie N Dye backdrops .
    Plain backdrops (Blue can ce used as Chroma Key Backdrops)
    Scenic backdrops are made on canvas.

    A free carrying case is included with every backdrop.


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