YONGNUO YN460 II Flash Speedlite light F DSLR Nikon Canon Pentax

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    • Flash Index: We increased the Flash index from 33 to 38(at 35mm focal length,ISO 100 in meters) and 53 (at 35mm focal length,ISO 200 in meters);
    • Output Power Fine-tuning Function: If the 7 output power can't meet your demand, You can press "+" or "-" buttons to fine tune the output power of the flash with step length of 1/7 ev in order to obtain finer exposure control
    • The Recycling Time is much faster-4s than the first version-5s.
    • Reflection Flash: you can take photo by making flash light head aimed at wall or ceiling and using the light reflected back from the ceiling or wall to light the desired object, so that the shade behind the object is decreased to get more natural shooting effect
    • Using reflection board to take photo: when shoot portrait, draw the reflection board and the wide-angle diffusion board out from the light head, and produce a highlighted point on the eyes to make the eyes charming; the function can reach optimal effect when the flasher head is up 90°
    • Use Wide-angle Diffuser to get softer and more natural pictures
    • Rear-curtain Sync (your camera must support the rear curtain sync function of non-TTL flash)
    • Flash Mode: M, S1, S2
    • Suitable for all DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, and so on with standard hotshoe, except Sony and Minolta

    the price: US$54.66 + free shipping

    more details: YONGNUO YN460 II Flash Speedlite light F DSLR Nikon Canon Pentax

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