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    Offering low res file for social media sharing

    If going the route of offering a low res image for social media sharing (when a print package is purchased), is the best route to offer it at an additional price or to offer it as an add on? Is it best to offer it with a watermark or without?
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    Posting calibrated photos online?

    I have calibrated my monitor and my prints are coming back great. I do find that now they look quite bright when viewing on my cell phone or other devises. I am wondering if anyone else posts "darker" photos online and has another set of photo files for "print ready"? I thought of doing that but...
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    Calibrating when running two monitors?

    Yes, thankyou. I think it is time to get a new screen. I have heard good things about IPS screens. Do you have experience with those monitors?
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    Calibrating when running two monitors?

    So I did get it both monitors calibrated. I do have two graphic cards and so all went well.... expect the calibration didn't match my prints from the printer good enough. In the end I had to take my "photography monitor" and adjust the monitor settings with less yellow, less red, less contrast...
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    Calibrating when running two monitors?

    This is great info. Thanks. I am not sure how to check all that on my computer. So when getting something ready for the printers I would just unplug my "personal monitor", calibrate my photography monitor and than send make adjustments on that before plugging in the old monitor?
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    Calibrating when running two monitors?

    I run two monitors. One old cheap one that uses a VGA cord.... awful colors. I honestly can't see it even calibrating correctly. That is my "persona screen' that I use for doing my personal stuff And than I have my more expensive "photography monitor". I want to calibrate the photography...
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    Calibration tools

    The problem isn't that the prints are too dark. That can be fixed by adjusting the brightness of the monitor. It is that once I calibrated with Spyder my screen would "jump bright". I think it slowly would dim and "jump bright" over and over... about once every 10 minutes or so. I upgraded to a...
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    Calibration tools

    Interesting. I have never heard of these problems before I had them. Did you have both these issues?
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    Calibration tools

    I have tried two different Spyder calibration tools in the past (I got a "better" one after having issues with my first one... but only with the same results). I had no end of problems. The two main ones were that I would run a calibration and the whole screen would go the wrong color (like a...
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    Does flash zoom use more battery

    Obviously the 1/1 uses more battery than the ... say 1/64 speed. But I am wondering if the zoom feature of my new flash (a feature new to me) also takes more battery and heats up the flash more quickly?
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    Shutter Trigger

    I have been using my Yongnuo 605C as a wireless flash trigger for sometime. At times I would separately use it as a remote shutter release. Last week I started doing both at the same time (remote shutter release and a flash trigger at the same time because my flash has a build in receiver). It...
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    Prints verses digital files

    I am wondering how much more you generally price digital files over print. As I move more into print I am realizing that pricing my digital files as cheaper than my prints defeats the purpose and am wondering how much it is recommended to up the digitals to encourage print orders...
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    Digital proofs.... but how to avoid theft?

    I have decided against the password protection. The only people who will have access to the site will be those with the URL anyway. That feels private enough and easier for them to share with friends and family to get advise on what to purchase. I have played around with the Photoshop brushes...
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    Help with focusing on Ef 85mm f/1.8

    There are some good answers above but I would also add to take note of your shutter speed. A longer focal length will need a faster shutter speed to negate hand shake, etc. Also the heavier the lens the faster your shutter speed will need to be. You will get to know your equipment and how you...