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    Hello everyone! Newb looking for guidance!

    Hello everyone, I have been searching the web and came across this site. Read a few threads and it seems there are quite a few knowledgeable folks out there that might have the experience I’m seeking. Now, I’m a classic car restoration mechanic and hobbyist machinist. Not a photographer or...
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    Zenitar 16mm, Opteka Rokinon 6.5mm, Vivitar Series1 24-70mm, Nikon Speedlight SB-600

    All items are shipped Priority Mail w/ tracking. Payments via Paypal as Friends & Family or add 4% 100% Feedback rating on eBay - user: speak_out ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Need to move these to fund another purchase! Zenitar 16mm Fisheye f/2.8 MC Lens for Canon - $120 shipped or best offer...
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    1930's VITASCOPE 16mm Hand Crank Movie Camera

    Anyone here have actual experience with this camera? All comments appreciated. I just purchased one off ebay and it's in the mail now. Can I use the daul 8mm (16mm perforated on both sides) in this camera or do I have to use 2R regular 16mm film? I only want to use it to shoot novelty B&W...