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Aug 21, 2021
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Hello everyone,
I have been searching the web and came across this site. Read a few threads and it seems there are quite a few knowledgeable folks out there that might have the experience I’m seeking.

Now, I’m a classic car restoration mechanic and hobbyist machinist. Not a photographer or movie collector. My wife is a vintage clothing collector and has well over 10,000 items from the 1790s to the 1970s. We appreciate anything vintage. Obviously. 😁

At any rate, my wife’s late father was a collector of sorts. Film, projectors, memorabilia and the like. He worked on movie sets in the 1960s on movies such as, “the good, the bad and the ugly” and a few others before moving to Reno nv. So to say the least he was an enthusiast. Yet, he had many other interests. Antique slots, g-uns (no I don’t have any), muscle cars (yes, spent every spare penny and 15 years restoring with date coded parts. 1969 GTO RA-IV ❤️ It’s my 401K that I drive daily!!) basically anything fun imho.

So, the quest we’re on at this point is this; we have Keith’s projector collection of many, all very good and working condition, 8mm and 16mm projectors. Around 20?? Of them. All the film has been sold (sorry, but they all went to good homes). As well as a very large Knox electric screen. Measured one end to the other (not diagonally) it’s 160”. I haven’t dropped it down yet. Keith kept everything in really nice condition. So I have no doubt it’s perfect. He used it pretty much right until he passed. Jennifer and I would like these machines (and screen) to be used, go to a good home and enjoyed as Keith had.
So, if anyone would be so kind as to maybe give us an idea of what these projectors and the screen are worth and possibly sell as a lot or individually. I’m all ears. I am the type of guy that enjoys hearing stories, and learning about anything and everything mechanical.
I will get together a list of it all in the next couple days including makes, models, and serial numbers. Along with “some” photos.
If anyone has info on these machines, I’d love to hear from you and thanks for reading my excessively long post. - Brian.
Welcome to the forum.

Don't be in a hurry to sell, but get an idea of the market first. I usually start with Ebay. See if others are selling the same or similar equipment and what they are asking for it. Another option is to stop by a really good pawn shop and see if they are interested and what they would offer.
Welcome aboard.

One of my former supervisors has a pair of '66 GTOs (and his wife had a '66 Le Mans).

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